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The innate immune system is a complex network of immune cells (including monocytes/ macrophages, neutrophils and natural killer cells) that circulate throughout the body to identify and destroy foreign pathogens and damaged cells.

It is well documented that cancer rates are higher in those who are on immunosuppressant medication and those with poor innate immune cell function.

Of all the natural compounds known to activate the innate immune system, the best documented and most effective are the 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans, generally derived from baker‘s yeast. (Kernodle et al ‘98, Wakshull et al ‘99, Mansell et al ‘75, Hahn & Albersheim ‘78, Robertsen et al ‘94, Song & Hsieh ‗94).

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The innate immune system

There is clear evidence that supplementation with a purified 1-3, 1-6 extract of baker‘s yeast can enhance the action of innate immune cells to increase resistance to bacterial and viral infection (Seljelid et al '87, Jung et al '04) and reduce allergy response.

As the immune system evolved, it became very adept at killing yeast and other fungal infections by recognizing certain molecules that commonly occur on the cell surface of these challenges. One such recognition molecule is a natural complex carbohydrate or gluco polysaccharride (Beta Glucan). As yeasts are so universal, the innate immune system actually became acclimatised to them, and dependent on them to function at peak effectiveness.

Then very late in the evolutionary day, modern technology effectively sterilised our food chain and much of our environment. Levels of yeast and other fungi in our foods, on our bodies and in our houses dropped away; and left the innate immune system weaker as a consequence. Adding 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans back into the diet restores the effectiveness of the innate immune system, with considerable health benefits.

Several beta glucan supplements are available derived from a variety of mushroom, algae, oat and yeast extracts. Of these the most potent are 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans generally derived from baker‘s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). This is due to the molecular structure of the 1-3, 1-6 side chain which provides a perfect ―lock and key fit onto CR3 receptors on the surface of innate immune cells which are essential for innate immune cell function.

Biothera, a leading company in the research of yeast-derived beta glucans, have produced a highly-refined and patented source of 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans (WGP 3-6). WGP 3-6 has been subjected to a significant number of clinical trials and has recently been chosen by the US Government for trials in situations where the public may face radiation hazards, whether accidental or deliberate.

ImmiFlex can benefit those who undertake regular exercise Studying can be a stressful time.  ImmiFlex supplementation can help.

Numerous studies have defined Wellmune WGP’s activity at the cellular level. Further research studies have compared Wellmune WGP to a placebo in subjects experiencing high levels of physical or lifestyle stress and demonstrated reduced cold and flu symptoms, as well as reduced fatigue, tension and increased mental clarity.

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With Wellmune WGP and Vitamin D

Priming the Immune System

Beta Glucan 1.3/1,6


An important factor in the production process of Wellmune WGP, the active ingredient in ImmiFlex®, is that the protein elements of the cell (which may

trigger yeast sensitivity in some people) are removed. This leaves just the active beta glucan.

This is one of the factors that sets ImmiFlex® apart from most other beta glucan products. So there are no grounds for concern if you are worried about



1,3/1,6 beta glucan are non-toxic and non-allergenic. Due to the patented refinement process they are suitable for daily use even by those with a previous history of yeast intolerance. Research in scientific journals demonstrates an excellent safety profile with no significant adverse effects reported.

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