Exercises the immune system
The ImmiFlex family of Supplements - ImmiFlex 250 and ImmIFlex Kids

ImmiFlex is manufactured in Europe by Immitec.

ImmiFlex contains Wellmune WGP.

Wellmune WGP is manufactured by Biothera and specifically its Healthcare Division.

For information on Vitamin D, try the Vitamin D Council website

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ImmiFlex® and Wellmune WGP


Dr Richard Fuller’s presentation on the Immune System explain how the immune system operates and why ImmiFlex supports it.  Download the PowerPoint (zipped)

Download the movie of the presentation (MPEG4)  For best results save file by right clicking and save file as.

From the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, this article was published on the effects of Wellmune on Marathon runners.  Download the Article

Dr Paul Clayton produced and article on the new flu pandemic in June 2009, with explanations of why Beta Glucans have a part to play in preparing the body for these infections.  Download the article

The Dove Clinic have produced an excellent information document on the action of ImmiFlex and Beta Glucans.  View the document

Biothera have produced an excellent document which gives a comprehensive overview of the research surrounding Wellmune WGP.  Download this document

The Wellmune site includes a number of other studies, including cold and flu, firefighters and a high lifestyle stress study.  Visit the research link